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Mastodon’s Brent Hinds wields his custom First Act guitar on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine

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Mastodon GP809a

Hey Mastodon fans! Check out the newest issue of Guitar Player magazine to find Mastodon’s lead guitarist and First Act enthusiast, Brent Hinds gracing the cover with his custom First Act 12-string. This issue hasn’t hit the news stands yet, but consider this your exclusive preview! After playing his first custom axe from First Act, he came back for more to create the 12-string Lola Doublecut with maple top, mahogany back, and ebony fingerboard that is making its way to the front of Hinds’ live arsenal.

Mastodon released their latest album, Crack the Skye on March 24, 2009, the latest release since their grammy-nominated album, Blood Mountain in September 2006. Hinds and the band are set to tour Europe and Japan in July and August and have already sold out shows in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Rome, Milan and Madrid, among others.

Make sure to pick up a copy of this August issue of Guitar Player Magazine, due to hit the stands this early this summer, you won’t want to miss it!


First Act Introduces DK1000 iPod Dock!

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First Act Announces Release of DK1000 Hi-Fi iPod Docking Station & Amp

Just in time for the Holidays, First Act announces the release of its
DK1000 high performance iPod docking station that doubles as a guitar
amplifier. Music lovers can not only amplify their iPods with this unique
docking station, but plug in their acoustic or electric guitars and play
along with their MP3 playlists as well.

With a stylish retro look and a powerful 40-watt RMS stereo amplifier, this
innovative and affordable iPod docking station is powered by the
Boston-based lifestyle music brand’s patented V-Stack technology and is
ideal for anyone wanting to play along with their favorite songs.

DK1000 iPod Docking Station

The DK1000 boasts a two-way speaker system with four-inch woofers and ¾ inch
tweeters and an auxiliary stereo input for gaming devices, microphones,
other portable MP3 players or musical instruments. Just like First Act’s
guitar amps, the DK1000 includes variable tone and switchable gain channels
for different guitar tones – bringing the player closer to the sounds of
their favorite guitarists.

First Act’s Director of Consumer Electronics, Michael Strange says, “The
DK1000 was created as the first in a series of high quality, well engineered
products for music lovers. It’s a natural step in the evolution of a
company dedicated to making well-crafted products available to music lovers
at every level, and in every price range.”

Not only does the DK1000 appeal to the everyday player, but professionals as
well. Lifehouse guitarist Ben Carey plans to take the docking station on
tour to have a reliable and portable amp/docking station during his travels.
Guitarist Adam Gardner of Guster also raves about the product.

The DK1000 can be purchased on Click here for more information: